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Missouri Liberty Project is about giving everyday Missourians a voice. We're a non-profit, non-partisan organization made up of people dedicated to defending liberty and renewing citizen democracy. We're fighting for liberty in our communities, in our state, and in the courts. Liberty is a way of life. We aim to preserve, protect, and promote it.

Josh Hawley is the founder and president of Missouri Liberty Project. Josh is a constitutional litigator, law professor, and religious liberty advocate. He has defended Hobby Lobby before the U.S. Supreme Court and is leading the fight in Missouri to defend the Constitution.

A native Missourian, Josh grew up in Lexington, a small town in middle Missouri. Josh went on to graduate from Rockhurst High School in Kansas City and then Stanford University and Yale Law School. After law school, Josh served as a judicial clerk for Chief Justice John Roberts at the U.S. Supreme Court. Josh met his wife, Erin, there and after several years practicing law in Washington, D.C., he and Erin moved home to Missouri.

Josh’s work as an attorney focuses on the Constitution. In 2011, Josh helped litigate one of the most important religious liberty cases of the last two decades, Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC. That case guarantees churches and other faith organizations the right to choose their ministers based on their faith, not government regulations.

Josh was part of the team that defeated Obamacare's contraceptive mandate on business at the U.S. Supreme Court. Josh has litigated in most of the federal courts of appeals and numerous state courts.

He and Erin live in Columbia, Missouri and have one son, Elijah, who is one year old.


Protecting Religious Liberty

Religious liberty is our most precious of freedoms, but it is under assault. For years, Josh has been defending religious liberty in the courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States. Missouri Liberty Project is ready to continue the fight to defend Missourians’ religious freedoms.

What you need to know:

One of the most important religious liberty cases in decades is currently pending at the Supreme Court. Hobby Lobby Stores has challenged the Obama Administration’s mandate that requires businesses to fund abortion-inducing drugs as part of their healthcare coverage. Hobby Lobby’s owners, the Green family, object to funding these drugs on religious grounds.

The Greens' story is all too typical. This case is about the right of every business person to run their business according to their religious convictions. Missouri Liberty Project is ready to stand up for the rights of all people of faith. Sign up for updates.

Fighting Federal Overreach

The Obama administration has relentlessly expanded the reach of the federal government, imposing new taxes, new rules, and new regulations on American citizens and businesses. In his first three years in office alone, President Obama proposed more than 13,000 regulations or regulatory changes. A recent study puts the cost of these new regulations at $70 billion. Many of these rules serve no purpose other than to further the Obama administration’s liberal policy goals—like, for example, the administration’s new EPA rule classifying ponds as “navigable waterways,” the effect of which is to bring ponds under the EPA’s heavy-handed regulatory system. Unnecessary bureaucracy interferes with our constitutional liberties and costs Missouri jobs every year. It’s time to reduce the size of government.

What you need to know:

From challenging Obamacare to resisting the incursions of the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal bureaus, Missouri Liberty Project will fight to return the federal government to its proper size. Sign up for updates.

Defending Missouri Agriculture

Agriculture is more than an industry, it is a time-honored way of life. And it is under attack from overbearing bureaucrats. Missouri Liberty Project will stand with Missouri’s farmers.

What you need to know:

In Missouri, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has unilaterally begun dumping massive amounts of sediment into the Missouri River, altering the river’s chemical balance. These actions violate the Clean Water Act and threaten Missouri’s farmers.

In other states, the EPA is pursuing a similarly aggressive anti-farm agenda. Missouri Liberty Project will stand with farmers to protect the right to farm. Sign up for updates.

Rebuilding Citizen Democracy

Liberty and democracy belong together. In fact, the right to self-government is our most important right because it keeps all the others safe. But political corruption threatens to shut average citizens out of the political process. And too many Missourians feel they can’t make a difference.

What you need to know:

Missouri Liberty Project will work to help everyday Missourians make a difference. We’re giving Missourians a voice in their communities and in the courts and we will advocate for reforms that will help rebuild citizen democracy. Sign up for updates.

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